March 9, 2017

Hi Lovely,

It has been a while since I wrote the blog I promised. I was in India for the first time during the month of January, and I thought I would be the most creative and productive person. I imagined I would be producing videos, blogs, content for you … and so much more.

And what happened? I just could not do anything! It totally hit me. Of course, the bad conscious also hit me, my inner voice telling me how unprofessional I was, that I will never reach my goals if I don´t try harder, more hours, no personal time, staying with my commitment… What a beat up that was!

What happened through this process, though, was that I re-understood and felt: that my way is the right way for me! I re-established the trust that everything will turn out fine and exactly at the correct moment in my life. 

That happened mainly when I went on a walk on the inner circle of the mountain Arunachala. What a powerful, powerful, magical place! It is too long to share this here, but if you are interested, look...

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