Hi Lovely,

It´s time for my May blog, which shows me how quickly a month goes by and how many life changes can happen in such a short amount of time. Well, that basically tells me, that time is totally subjective.

Anyway, I am very excited to share with you something which is very profound to me.

In the past month, I have been working on ultimate trust. What do I mean by ultimate trust? It is the trust or faith that:

  • I am absolutely protected

  • I am being looked after by a higher force

  • I am loved and accepted the way I am

  • me and my true self are being rewarded in every moment

  • being authentic and living in my purpose of life makes a change for the world

  • living my life from a place of compassion and love is a good choice

This deep trust allows me to not feel any fear. Being without fear makes me totally, absolutely and completely free. Since I feel no fear of death or that something will happen to me, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want. An...

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