January 1, 2017

Hello Lovelies,

the new year in Germany is 12:48h old... and what has happened? The sun shines and the air is fresh! 

Where are you? What can you see, smell, taste? Are you happy? Angry, sad, full of bliss? Are you waking up, making love, eating, going for a walk? What are you doing? 

Hold on for a moment and register what you´ve been doing before starting to read this letter. Get aware.

No matter where you are, no matter how you feel... I want to remind you of enlightening, switching on your inner light, your flame. Why? I believe we are here to be the light for others and love what we do. And it doesn´t matter if we are the light because of our profession, our actions, our words, our beings... All that matters is: to understand that with one action, one word, one smile we can change somebodys life. Their path! Their life. Think of children... Smile at them and observe how you can connect to them and everything changes.... 

My thoughts for this year

let´s dare to be the light, to be...

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