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SAY YES to authentic, heart-to-heart and ultra engaging communication to win over your audience.


Are you a manager, actor, public speaker or a professional in the spotlight who wants to be convincing in front of an „audience“?


I’ve developed ActingPolarity®, a holistic method, specifically for people like you to help you perform with confidence, ease and authenticity. After working with me, you’ll be able to make winning, persuasive and courageous connections with your audience.


ActingPolarity® combines energetic-emotional bodywork with acting and voice techniques. With it you’ll find and fix your true physical and emotional composure. You’ll notice the difference in your body right away and you won’t be the only one. This will change your stage presence as well as the way you’re perceived by everyone.


Receive free tips how to connect to people right away.  


As long as I can remember, I have been able to reach and connect to people, from heart to heart.


This natural drive towards a deep connection is visible in every direction I’ve taken in my work. Through my studies in psychology, children’s rights, teaching, acting and voice acting, I found my calling in energy work. All of a sudden all my explorations made sense and ActingPolarity® was born.

I finished my formation as a polarity and cranio-sacral practitioner at the "Centro de Terapia de Polaridad" with Eduardo Morales and Silvia Vega in Mexico. Currently I am the president of the German Polarity Association. I continue to be amazed by the power of the energetic healing arts and am hungry to learn more. My next course is on “Energy as Medicine, Trauma and Inner Child” with the amazing Bruce Burger in India in January 2017.



Dear Emmanuelle,

I was very much looking forward to the secret of Aroma Polarity Yoga. The two hours were wonderfully guided by you which took me on an inner journey. Unbelievable, which effect the fragrance of the individual aromatic oils had on the then following yoga exercise. A beautiful combination that opened the senses and helped me to focus my attention on each moment with myself. This increased the intensity and at the same time brought lightness into the movements. A wonderful experience that brought me back to healing yoga. Our joint journey was finished by Emmanuelle through a wonderfully song she sang, whose gentle sound still resonates. "


Nicole Bear, Participants 


This workshop will be accompanied by Frank Mattle playing live healing sounds. Through this combination, you will be touched on all levels of your senses even more deeply and carried away to your origin. Get ready for a deep touching time and an intense detox. 

Costs book befote Oct. 15th 42€, after 45€

Time SUNDAY 29th of October  11:00-13:30 AM

          TUESDAY 31st of October 19:00-21:30 PM


Place MeinPilates, Lothringerstr. 106, 52072 Aachen


Do you need to relax, energize, connect yourself again with your body and to feel complete?

Polarity Yoga combined with essential oils can get you to that state.

With Polarity Yoga we will work on your posture, flexibility, and physical and mental strength.


The course is made of easy but profound exercises, which work the 5 elements within ourselves.

Above all the cerebral spinal fluid gets stimulated, which is the basis for a healthy and happy body, mind and soul.

The specific chosen oils for each element intensify those effects.


Esther Iturralde

Entrepreneur, Life Coach and creator of Plan A

Emmanuelle is incredible. From the moment I showed up to my fist session, she made me feel safe and at home. Acting polarity is a powerful experience where I was confronted with both physical and emotional discomfort. It was here that I realized that I am very apprehensive, and tend to hold my feelings in. Emmanuelle has powerful hands and she does powerful work with them but this is only half of the story. She also extraordinarily warm and inviting to talk with, and her sensitivity provides the perfect environment for growth, deep realization and emotional transformation.

Her method really helped me figure out how to calm down in a moment of stress in front of a camera and be myself.

Life coach, Founder of Swim Latina

With her help in the coaching sessions I also concentrated in my true purpose and dared to think and play big. I trust myself that I can do it and present it proudly to the world!

I would have never thought that the work of ActingPolarity would get me to the point to have the courage to finally be myself. 

Emmanuelle has a profound understanding of the energy flowing through the human beings. With her coaching skills and through her therapy given with her hands she achieves to give harmony to this energy.

In my case as swimming and life coach she helped me profundly on my why becoming a businessman. 

Emmanuelle with her knowledge in the energy work of Polarity and with her acting skills,  helped me so much with my self-esteem and confidence, my security feeling and authenticity.... And something so important: with her help I understood my corporal language, how it influences relationships, how to change and use it, as it is fundamental in order to relate closely and trustworthy with my clients and especially to talk  and present in public.  I feel, walk and talk differently and this has shown in higher numbers.

Erika Lind


When we first started to talk about my lower back pains with Emmanuelle, she brought up a few other symptoms I might have in my body as a result of it. They were all true and I was hooked. My lower back has been a cause of pain, more so about a decade ago but even to this day, it comes and goes. Even if there isn't pain, it's very stiff, causing my body as a whole to be stiff. When I laid down on the table and Emmanuelle began working on my back, there was excruciating pain. She told me my muscles were extremely tense and stiff. She encouraged me to let go of the pain and breathe into it. As I did, the pain became more tolerable. Gradually the pain subsided and I drifted into glorious bliss. During and after the treatment, she told me a few things about me. Things I hadn’t told her, but things she’d found out while treating my lower back. They were all very personal to me. They were the pain stored in my lower back. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since. This woman has a gift and if I lived in the same country as her, I'd keep going back. I highly recommend her to everyone, she's a lovely person, who will take really good care of you.

If you want to know how I can help you with your 

particular situation, send me a message. 


Moisés García

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