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The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. The more balanced it is, the more you can create happy and healthy relationships with others.

Hi Lovely,

It’s time for my April blog- which tells me that spring has finally started. In many parts of the world, people long for this season to begin. At last, the sun is tickling your face again, flowers are starting to bloom and there is a different smell in the air. As nature starts to prosper again, so do people; the magic of falling in love seems to be all around!

I believe spring is a time for renewal, for letting go of what accumulated during the winter months which may be keeping you away from having a loving relationship with yourself: Undealt emotions, stress, toxins, withheld anger and frustrations, heartache, negativity…

Spring is a great opportunity to get your body flexible and to let your energy flow again, in order to bloom and shine and BE HEALTHY. Physically AND emotionally.

In my Acting Polarity video below I explain the importance of a flexible, open and happy pelvis for (sexual) relationships, creativity and balanced emotions. You will learn how to achieve that with a simple but profound exercise. You are basically wiping out all that old stuff!

Let me explain a little bit more: When our body is tight, our thoughts and belief systems can become rigid, as well. This may cause us to confront more difficult situations and become more narrow minded. In German you would say “Da beißt sich die Katze in den Schwanz”, or “the cat bites its own tale”, meaning a stiff, unhappy, sick body causes negative thoughts, which in turn cause unhealthy bodies. This vicious cycle creates the ideal environment for sickness, as I believe negative thoughts have vibrations which attract diseases.

In Polarity Therapy we understand that there are interconnections between certain organs, body systems, muscles, bones etc. that are all related to one or more of the five elements and the way we think.

So, I invite you to please your water element in order to reconnect with your true self and start your healing process. Because like I said, your water element is the source of a happy relationship with yourself.

See you in a bit.

Love & Light,

Xoxo Emmanuelle

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