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MY WAY is the RIGHT way for ME!!!

Hi Lovely,

It has been a while since I wrote the blog I promised. I was in India for the first time during the month of January, and I thought I would be the most creative and productive person. I imagined I would be producing videos, blogs, content for you … and so much more.

And what happened? I just could not do anything! It totally hit me. Of course, the bad conscious also hit me, my inner voice telling me how unprofessional I was, that I will never reach my goals if I don´t try harder, more hours, no personal time, staying with my commitment… What a beat up that was!

What happened through this process, though, was that I re-understood and felt: that my way is the right way for me! I re-established the trust that everything will turn out fine and exactly at the correct moment in my life.

That happened mainly when I went on a walk on the inner circle of the mountain Arunachala. What a powerful, powerful, magical place! It is too long to share this here, but if you are interested, look out for a blog post about that journey one of these months…

My way is to trust in life and myself. To trust that being different than the mass is totally fine although it is a complicated journey… And back in Mexico, as soon as I let go of the last ribbon that held me in the old thinking and norms and ways of being - by breaking really through that old me, that was shaped so wrongly by societies norms and morals- I really got free!!

I am in my total power. I rise and shine in the midst of the dark.

I am so far away from any comfort zone and in the last two weeks I lived the most amount of drastic life and character changes I have ever experienced.

I realized that within a second you take a decision that will change your life forever. This is what they say about the real important ones… And it is actually true. Within seconds, everything after the decision you have taken falls into place. It´s a miracle! How deeply beautiful and magical everything is that has happened ever since in my life!

So, I want to share with you a video exercise that will help you to redirect your energy and let go of stored anger, frustration and anxieties! Once that is achieved, you will be ready to take actions and decisions, and go for what you really need and want, and be who you really are!


I wish you fun, and that you enjoy your journey! If I can support you in anything- just reach out to me! I am here to help you!

With love and deep gratitude!

xoxo Emmanuelle

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