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Hi Lovely,

It´s time for my May blog, which shows me how quickly a month goes by and how many life changes can happen in such a short amount of time. Well, that basically tells me, that time is totally subjective.

Anyway, I am very excited to share with you something which is very profound to me.

In the past month, I have been working on ultimate trust. What do I mean by ultimate trust? It is the trust or faith that:

  • I am absolutely protected

  • I am being looked after by a higher force

  • I am loved and accepted the way I am

  • me and my true self are being rewarded in every moment

  • being authentic and living in my purpose of life makes a change for the world

  • living my life from a place of compassion and love is a good choice

This deep trust allows me to not feel any fear. Being without fear makes me totally, absolutely and completely free. Since I feel no fear of death or that something will happen to me, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want. And that gives me the freedom to express myself and experience my life without limitations. Living a life without self-made limitations in my mind means that I am finally doing things that I would have never dared doing a couple of years ago or even a few months ago. I basically decided consciously to get free and not listen anymore to my unconscious ‘made-up’ beliefs and restrictions.

What helped me a lot in deepening and strengthening my trust and loosing fear of anything or anybody was working on my earth element and root chakra. The earth element stands for stability, for security, for trust, for organization, for discipline and for abundance. It is related to our elimination system, to our colon, our knees and our neck. So, if you feel any rigidity, for example, or pain in any of these areas, you know that you want to balance your earth element. One way is by rooting yourself to the earth in order to feel stable and flexible at the same time. Like a tree that has strong roots but its branches and leaves are swinging freely in the wind.

By balancing and strengthening your root chakra you can build the trust you need to live a life without ego-made limitations. Also, you will feel more and more secure about the authentic, beautiful being that you are and become more free over time. This work can help you lose the fear of what others think of you. And to finally get free.

Therefor I created a meditation you can listen to as often as you like at any point of the day. Just try to keep doing it for a while and see what kind of change you are experiencing. Don´t forget to set your intention of what you want to let go of before you meditate, ok? This is a very important part.

If you feel free and secure, write me your story by commenting on my blog. It could be your first step for liberation! By sharing we don´t allow the limitations to hold us back and connect with people!! I am super excited to hear from you and support you, whatever your situation may be!

To encourage you even more I want to share with you one of my most beautiful liberations I had lately.

I am singing at the end of my Aroma Polarity Yoga classes. It may sound like nothing special but it is HUGE for ME! I would have NEVER dared before, as I am not a singer but rather (was) a perfectionist. What I experienced is that my limitations happened in my head and that this keeps me small and doesn´t allow for something beautiful to grow. At least something that I really love doing!! And now it has a platform. On top I experience that my clients love it! I guess it´s because I sing from a place of trust, love and freedom and this is what they hear. (more than the little break downs)

So I will go one step further and post the first take of my first recording I did yesterday- trying myself out... It was 3 minutes of total trust and bliss. See if you like it. If not, just close your ears ;)

Sharing without limitations and without fear inspires others and invites them to do the same. And that really makes a difference in the world, because being closer to the person that you are results in being happier! And the more content people there are, the more peaceful the world is!

With Love and Light always,


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