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Hello Lovely,

First of all, I must apologize for the delayed blog article. I was again a bit busy with life. As a matter of fact, my life is so fast at the moment and the universe is constantly giving me challenges to handle that I really need to focus not to lose track, and to stay centered and in the flow. Being in the “flow” for me means to be conscious of what is happening in one’s life; to be aware, then evaluate and then take a decision. To me, it also means to keep my inner water running. In my April blog, I told you about its qualities and the importance of moving and balancing your water (element). You can read about it again here.

Today I want to share with you the three steps I do every morning to start my day in a good flow:

1. Windscreen wiper: I do this polarity exercise for three minutes while I am still in bed and just beginning to open my eyes, giving grace to the new day and filling my heart with gratitude. This to me is the best way to get my water and life energy running!! From head to toe! The cerebrospinal fluid gets a super boost and the whole body gets activated while the pelvic area is being opened!! You will find an instruction video in the April blog.

2. Favorite Drink: The first thing I put into my body is a glass of semi hot natural water which helps the elimination system to start its work. I also hold the glass with both hands, and become aware of every sip I take, feeling the renewal and flow that the water brings into my body.

3. Clean: When I shower, I also do it with concentration and awareness. I close my eyes and concentrate on how the running water is touching my head and running over my body. I set my intention that everything I don´t need any more is being flushed out and away. The effects I have with this practice is that I am super awake, concentrated, open and well balanced. The old stuff is flushed out and my cells, body, mind and soul are cleansed from nightly waste and impurities.

All these gigantic changes in my life forced me to work hard at staying in tune, and not feel overwhelmed. That´s why I decided to visit a hot spring bath in Mexico, close to where I live. I realized I could benefit from a little extra help from a very powerful water source, in addition to my daily water routine.

Well, the water was thermal and amazing for my skin BUT it was 80 degrees Celsius when it first came in. So, we had to wait 45 minutes for the water to cool down, to avoid burning our skin. I came out red as a crab! But I stayed for an hour! And the effect was amazing: I was magically connected to the universe, super open and receiving and I was able to see my friend´s aura, his entire energetic field and whole persona. I did some polarity therapy, singing to open our hearts, surrendering into the heat and focusing on leaving the body. This broadened our understanding that we are not our body and our limitations are made by our mind. It was quite amazing to witness again what a human is capable of and how healing natural hot water is!

In this little video you get a little taste… Have fun and keep it running!

Love and light,

xoxox Emmanuelle

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