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Hello Lovely,

It´s time for my August blog!

I am very happy to share a little bit with you today about the story of RESISTANCE!

RESISTANCE is a real tricky one. It can be felt in many different ways, or even worse, hide itself in all sorts of costumes. One way to know that either you or somebody or something in your surrounding is in resistance is if things aren´t going the way you want. They aren´t flowing.

And then it´s really time to change!

I once lived in a relationship with a man where he was in total resistance to basically everything that was important to me. He wasn’t ready to have kids, he didn’t want to commit by taking a stand towards his family, he wasn´t ready to let the past go and to live for the future, he wasn’t up for adventure… yet all these points were tremendously important to me. Let´s say he just had different priorities, to most of which I felt resistance. The problem during the whole time of our relationship was that we were believing or pretending to be open to the other one’s needs and on the same page! Hell, no! That was definitely a total lie. Thank goodness I left on a long journey and this is where I felt and experienced how a life feels when things just flow! Everything falls into place when there is no resistance- not from me and not from my partner.

I truly found myself again! I was able to strengthen myself to avoid returning to these patterns, patterns which I had even rid myself of before that very relationship.

But circumstances, dependencies, unresolved issues and false love can lead one into this vicious circus and- BOOM!- old patterns pop up like pimples on a teenage face.

So, first we want to know:

How can we detect resistance?

  • when you promise things and you don´t keep them

  • when use excuses to try to explain why you cannot keep your promises

  • when you say yes to something but you are left with a bad feeling inside

  • when you start to struggle to stay healthy

  • when you get involved in financial issues

  • when you try really hard but it just doesn’t work

  • when you never seem to reach your goal and your dreams stay dreams and never come true

Why it is like this? The universe just can’t conspire with you when you do or say things that are not your truth. It’s as simple as that!

One thing you can do to get rid of resistance, so that things go in your favor:

Work on your earth element!

1. I will show you an amazing variation of the squat position. This can really help you to let go of unwanted anxieties, and to surrender. Then you can feel your proper needs again and the magic can start happening. Basically, you need to clean the bottom, let go of all the shit (excuse my French) and this will allow you to become open, clean and free to receive again!

2. In my June blog, I posted a beautiful guided meditation for the earth element that you could repeat after the squat exercise. Remember: When the earth element is unbalanced it can result in not wanting to let go of things- RESISTANCE.

So, what I recommend you to do is to anchor yourself and get in touch with your source; root yourself. Feeling secure is important to being able to let go of old stuff!!

Okay my dear! I hope you will have fun doing this amazing Polarity Yoga exercise! I recommend you do it at least once a day, and as often as you need it!

Also, the squat is an amazing position to strengthen and align your spine and helps to ease many discomforts and anxieties… but this is can be the topic of another blog! Post me your experience or write me an email! I am happy to help you to get rid of everything that keeps you away in living a fulfilled, happy and healthy life!!

Love & Light as always,


P.S. Thanks to Kathy as always. #Sister Love. #Sister help

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