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Regain your inner strength with ALL SENSES YOGA

Hi Lovely,

It´s time for my September Blog and I am super excited to talk to you about my form of deep inner work which I call ALL SENSES YOGA.

ALL SENSES YOGA is a combination of Polarity Yoga and essential oils. I call it this because during my classes and workshops I use all five senses thus I work on all five elements. I stimulate your sense of hearing (Ether) with healing music or a sound therapist; your sense of touch (Air) with Polarity Yoga exercises and my energetic work; your sense of sight (Fire) with guided inner visions and beautiful surroundings; your sense of taste (Water) with a special chocolate or tee; and your sense of smell (Earth) with the essential oils from Young Living, the best and strongest I know. For each element, I choose a special essential oil that helps deepen the exercise and its physical and emotional effects.

In my video I will describe it in more detail.

The last class I gave was a few weeks ago in Aachen, my hometown, and again it was very, very touching to witness the participants in their process. To hear about what each participant get out of my ALL SENSES YOGA classes creates in me a feeling of bliss, because I know that my work and purpose in life allows people to come back to their inner strength. If you want to feel your power again, let go of old traumas, heal the unhealed, experience your body and heart in a different mind blowing way, you will definitely want to watch my video or join me for a class. The next one is taking place in Berlin on September 16th. Here you can find more details about it.

This is what some participants say about the class. Thank you, ladies, for taking the time and trusting in sharing your experience! I love you!

Dear Emmanuelle, I don´t know how to explain, it´s just that something so extreme happened to me after my class with you last night ... During the class while you were holding me and during my sleep I saw my daughter although the doctors always say that I can´t have any children. I take medications that suppress my cycle, since I had very strong depression in connection with my cycle. Because of the medicine I don´t get my period anymore - but this morning I wake up and bleed ... I am happy about the medicine that that makes me feel so well and until now I was happy with the fact to give the love I feel for children to many and not to my own. You moved a lot ... Best regards Sarah B., Aachen

Dear Emmanuelle, I'm fine! For days I was deeply relaxed – like being high :-) I don´t know what all this work you do does to me but it's good. Polarity Yoga with the essential oils is just wonderful and I would like to teach this too. A girl I am doing my yoga licensship with and who also almost only does "fast yoga" was also totally amazed by it. As I, she also loved the combination with the fragrances and the exercises. You reach so many people. Especially nowadays you need something like that. I thank the Universe that I have found the way to you and Polarity Therapy. Heartfelt greetings Helga H., Aachen

Lovely, never forget we all are creatures coming from the same- LOVE. Wherever you are in your process, it is never too late to take care of yourself and unblock your happy, abundant, complete and loving energy. This is the energy we are made of and this is what we all deserve to live!

With Love and Light as always,


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